A Seeker's Statement

We believe that God exists and he rewards those that diligently seek him. But what does it mean to seek God? You likely came to this site deliberately - an act of seeking. Your motivations may be many and varied, but whatever they are, we urge you to stop for a moment and consider what we have found. We think you may want to join in pursuit of the grandest and most elusive achievement available to mankind - truly the last frontier. What is this frontier? Well, like a cut diamond, it has many facets - some you may be familiar with, but many will probably challenge all you know. A true seeker is willing to look beyond his white picket fence because something within whispers, "there is more". Something echoes the question of the ages, "what in the world is going on?". Very simplistically, that is the purpose of this site - to discover design in apparent randomness, glory in the mundane, and a story postponed until its time. We are ancient 'gates' and 'doors' to the future. - our job is to finish creation.

Our techniques of discovery, you'll find, are quite unusual. In addition to scholarship and revelation, they draw heavily upon something very fundamental in all of us - our sense of beauty. If you are drawn to color, music, mathematics, or style you have a special faculty common to those who stand guilty of being a seeker. Since truth is beauty, we should be drawn to it as well. Pleasure seeking and truth seeking are driven by the same hunger. Be a good citizen, at least give equal time to truth.

You will find herein many summary statements and documents that will attempt to state very complex ideas as simply as possible. In a sense this is our form of worship. And we believe that, if in worship of all kinds, we come to him with clean hands and pure hearts we will leave bearing fruit. Each generation has the responsibility to express to the world the progressive knowledge of God's purposes and it's assignment to them. There are many voices in the world - some speak a message of benefit with the light they have, some a message of foolishness and harm, and some a message of malicious destruction. To each will come his reward according to his fruitfulness.

We further believe, with eyes of faith, that the end of mankind's 'week' of work is near. That the womb of the Spirit is contracting with new life - extraterrestrial life, born from above. Life, torn from human stock, difficult to comprehend, foolish to the scholar, confounding to earth's elite. Royal life, not based upon genealogy, wealth, position, privilege or might, available only for a season, to 'whomsoever will'. Royal inheritance for royal action, born of spirit, drawn from the facility of will,

To this end we work, together we join in battle. Our greatest enemies are not our detractors; those that believe in another God, those that would misrepresent our God, or even those that have no God. No, our greatest foe, we confess, is very near, it lies within. It is our eyes that cannot see far enough, it is our minds that cannot conceive what has been conceived in us - the seed of heaven. We fail to see two as one and we fail to see one as two. We too easily see what is all around us and not that which is beyond us. Our human senses are too strong and our spiritual senses are too weak. I say, "O self, shake off you slumber, strengthen your feeble arms, enlarge your mind, behold, your coronation draws neigh". We quote from the Book of Truth:

Lift up your heads, O you gates;
Be lifted up, you ancient doors.
(Ps. 24)

High sounding words? Like hopes and dreams expressed in millions of words penned by dreamers down through time? One more unfruitful grasp at a fantasy? Or does it resonate with your heart. Does it ring true, are you saying, if only it were true.

We further believe that we can conform to the image of God! We further believe that we can (really) be like the Messiah of Israel! We further believe we are destined to be fruitful!

A high calling, yes! Will everyone choose it? Unfortunately, no. This site is meant to divide - self-divide. Whomsoever will; the choice is yours.