Rules For Correct
Biblical Interpretation


What Is Prophetic Service?

What Is Prophetic Service?

bulletPassion For God, Purity Of Heart
bulletDoes It Require Faith
bulletPersonal Goal - Christ Likeness
bulletUniversal Goal - The Kingdom
bulletLearn Patterns
bulletDoes It Have Symmetry
bulletDoes It Have Beauty
bulletDoes It Bless Israel
bulletKeep The Big Picture Perspective
bulletDon't Force Interpretation


First Step To The Kingdom


Techniques and Concepts

will produce

A Discipline

which will produce

A Prophetic Model

which will produce

Knowledgeable Partners

which will produce

Christ Likeness

which will allow the

Final Ministry

which ushers in the

Kingdom on Earth

bulletTo counter-balance the overwhelming power of the Pastor-Teacher-Evangelist offices
bulletIntegrity in ministry to God
bulletTo call the Body to Purity
bulletCorrect Biblical Interpretation
bulletProphetic Principles
bulletProphetic Research (New Treasure)
bulletProphetic Teaching
bulletSort through Christian culture - speaking out against compromising practices
bulletProphetic Evangelism
bulletCalling Israel and the Jews to their place of ministry