Truth vs. Knowledge

Who can deny that we live in a day of increased knowledge - an O.T. description of the end of the age. In a broad sense, knowledge is the cumulative culture of the human race. However, like emotion, knowledge is neither good or evil, in and of itself. To know the enemy is a good thing, but to know him in the same way as we should know God would be bad. Knowledge is seductive, and dangerous because of the weakness' of human nature.

God has allowed the 'tree of knowledge' to grow great and strong once again in the earth. Mankind's test will be whether he will chose truth or knowledge. The N.T. says that God has given the gift of the Holy Spirit to mankind to lead him into ALL TRUTH. God has provided a way of escape. The spiritual man must apply the filter of truth to all knowledge. Knowledge can be dangerous. The great men of knowledge of Jesus'' day were truly great Biblical (Tanakh) scholars. It is said of the 70 elders of the Sanhedrin, Israel's Supreme Court, that they were required to know, at a minimum, 70 languages so that could personally interrogate any witnesses that came before them. But great knowledge, even of the Bible, can be a snare. In the 20th Century Bible study has flourished. However, as well intentioned as it might be, not all Bible study is proving beneficial. For example, God has many things to give us, but if all our study centers on the 'benefits' of the Christian walk, motivated by selfish concerns, that study will eventually endanger spiritual life rather than edify it. The truth is that we should learn the whole council of God, always maintaining a pure motive for Bible study. The crying need in this hour is truth! The 'Bible study' should be replaced with a 'truth study'. There is an important difference.

The problem of knowledge verses truth is nowhere clearer than on the playing field of prophetic study. Prophecy is the ultimate truth detector. Before we can understand prophecy we must understand the language of truth. Prophesy has and will remain hidden and unsolvable until we construct a language and thought process based on truth. Truth is much bigger than prophecy. But prophecy, perhaps unlike any other discipline, is given to man as a device to open the treasure rooms of truth. Truth is knowing something as it actually is, rather than as it is manifested or assumed. Knowing it as it is understood in the mind of God. In other words, when we think like God we will be very much like God (Christ-like), we will look at something with the eyes of God. When we see God's plan and purposes for the end of the age, we will have a pretty good handle on truth. Not just on that small portion of prophetic truth, but on the eternal treasures of truth itself. Prophecy will cease but truth is eternal. The stakes are so high. The survival of mankind is at issue. Only one prophetic road map will lead mankind into the 'Ark' of safety before the fatal rains begin. All others may prove fatal.

So, the study of prophecy is far more important than just knowing who the antichrist is. It is actually the deciphering of the mindset, or language of truth. How do we know when we have discovered and perfected it? That's a very difficult question? But there are several answers that seem apparent. First, the language will have to produce a beautiful theory or model. Second the model must be quit complete, able to contain all known events and conditions. Third, of course, the model will have to be predictive, or prophetic. It has to work.

So, can we create a truth filter, a truth checklist that we can apply to prophetic knowledge to help us arrive at a single, true, prophetic road map? I think it may be possible. This is kind of a cyclical process. Biblical prophetic content helps produce a language. The language than helps unravel more prophetic content, which helps produce a better language, which helps unravel more prophetic content, and so on and on. This has been going on for 2000 years, but the pace is quickening. If this is the end of the age, we are due to finally 'crack' the basic language. With it, 'all truth' will be in our possession just as Jesus predicted. 'All truth' - a frightening prospect, in terms of responsibility.

Truth Tests

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