The Myth of Instant Perfection

Christianity has a very dubious doctrine of 'instant perfection'. They teach directly or indirectly that perfection happens at the moment we cross into the after life. This is usually done a death or for those living at the end of the age it will be at the Rapture. This doctrine, while almost universally assumed, can not be supported by Scripture. It actually contributes to the low priority holiness has in this life. It time the truth about perfection is fully explored and accepted.

These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised. God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect. (Hebrews 11:39,40)

Hebrews - A study in perfection

1. Son superior to angels.

2. Warning: don't ignore salvation - perfect through suffering - perfector and perfected of same family.

3. Do not harden hearts during the 'time of testing' (by sins deceitfulness). Shall not enter rest.

4. There remains a Sabbath rest. We have a High Priest able to sympathize with our weakness.

5. Learned obedience from what he suffered and once perfected the advanced mature, solid food teaching about righteousness.

6. Leaving the elementary things: promise to Abraham, two unchangeable things (2 Priesthoods Levitical, Melchizedek.

7. Perfection not obtainable through Levitical Priesthood (weak and useless) (Law made nothing perfect) - another had to come - Messiah.

8. Jesus - perfected by order? of Messiah, serves in the Sanctuary of Heaven. Old covenant replaced by New Covenant in Millenium.