Rightworld Concept

Rightworld.org - Because a newworld is inevitable - a rightworld is not

Today, it is possible to do what has never been done before. To create a universal community collectively collaborating as one mind. A community open to all, free from existing political, religious, institutional, cultural and intellectual encumberaces. To deliberate, the simple and the wise together, on the prospects of a new, and hopefully perfect, world. Like the Pilgrims landing on the shore of America, humanity collectively has been given a 'territory' in which to create a new 'nation'. To once again set forth founding principles, determine proper government, and build new institutions. The global-village has arrived, its citizens are deliberating over a new world order. A new world is inevitable - a rightworld is not. Humanity is even now writing the world's final constitution.


Like it or not, a universal personality is emerging. The nature and character of that personality will be forever determined by this generation. Anyone can see the struggle, the 'war' between competing ideas. The motivation behind those ideas spring from one's view of the universe and mans place in it. Those of the household of faith must act. No one else is free from the tyranny of self-interest. No one else will build a truthful world. From every nation, culture and tribe the priesthood of earth must cleanse itself, and then prepare for service. Only the truth will set us free.


Truth Detection - The Process

How many bad ideas could pass the scrutiny of a million truth seeking minds. Most errors, no matter how well hidden, will become clear if enough eyes are focuses on it. But it would be clear to most that even Internet technology harnessing a million minds could not, by itself, resolve some of mans most difficult questions. We know those questions are not trivial. But we submit the claim that there are additional processes, which when mixed with new divine provision, will produce one people with - all truth, all holiness & all power. These new approaches to truth seeking will, if our judgment is correct, make a Rightworld possible.


Its as easy as 1, 2, 3

This breakthrough truth seeking process developed on this site is deceptively simple but profound. It provides the framework for acquiring and proving truth. It offers the definitive 'acid-test' of an ideas truthfulness. It will show one idea to be true and another false. It is based on a concept as commonplace and simple as predicting the weather - that "truth is predictive". Here's the whole equation briefly - its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. One Attituded
2. Two Assumptions
3. Three Tests

Unmasking Truth

Truth does not fair well in today's marketplace. The idea manipulators have been very successful in 'truth coating' fundamental lies. Many in the world today hold to certain ideas while being virtually unaware of the underlying truth. Earth's 'shepherds' use cunning and deceptive ideas to manipulate their flocks for self-serving ends. Today many 'sheep' enthusiastically endorse and support appealing ideas that will ultimately bring them ruin. It is clear that even good institutions 'spin' the truth in their favor. Others are sincerely wrong, still others have an agenda altogether malicious. The question is this: within this blizzard of ideas, how can we separate truth from falsehood - even in our own lives.

The Revolution Ahead - All Truth

This web site is dedicated to prove that truth is knowable - in a purity never before known, and to present it clearly to all that want it. Today, we can form a community of the world's truth seekers. We can convene a world court of ideas, in neutral jurisdiction, with the sole purpose of determining truth. It is the death of the 'sound byte', the 'photo op', political correctness, the half-truth, the mis-quote, the history revisionist, and every other well developed technic of deception known to man.


1. Attitude:

a. Seeing demands being (if you won't be, you won't see)

2. Assumptions:

a. Creation by design

b. Knowable agenda

3. Tests:

For an idea to be truthful it must be: Pattern recognition Analogy

a. Beautiful Bad pattern Music

b. Systematic Incomplete pattern Puzzle

c. Predictive Extended pattern Weather