My Claim:

My truth is better than your truth

My Promise:

If it's not, I'll switch!

This challenge could change the world. Is it provoking? It should be. Is it fair? Unquestionably. Is it important? Critically. Is it timely? Impending. Is it possible? Absolutely.

What's wrong with the world we've got?

Do I need to elaborate?

The fact is:

A new world is inevitable - a rightworld is not.

A universal 'personality' is emerging. The nature and character of that personality will be determined by this generation. We can do something a

But nobody will listen?

Here's the strategy - we put forth good ideas - the old ideas stop working - people try the new ideas - we win.

Maybe our ideas aren't as good as we thought?

Yes, an honest question. Maybe the reason the bad ideas are flourishing is because our ideas do not work as well as we are presuming. We need to honestly retest our ideas.

Standing still is falling behind - why others will determine your fate.


Uncovering the rules:

A total reexamination of the world's infrastructure










Ending the Wars:

Between male & female

Between producer & consumer

Between employer & employee

Between government & people

Between people & people

Rediscovering Relationship:

Restoring Fatherhood

Mending the family

Building community

Rendering Service:

Discovering the agenda

Fitting into the agenda

John 12:24 I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

Definition Electronic Commerce [Ware et al. 1998]

"Fundamentally, we see electronic commerce as the electronic support and transformation of social and economic intercourse through internetworked technologies. As such, it inherently involves the creation, transformation, andredefinition of relationships for value creation within organizations, between organizations (business-to-business), and between organizations and individuals (business-to-consumer

Universal "All Truth" Equation

(as easy as 1, 2, 3)

1. One Attitude

2. Two Assumptions

3. Three Tests

2. Assumptions:

a. Creation by design

b. Knowable agenda

3. Tests:

For an idea to be truthful it must be: Pattern recognition Analogy

a. Beautiful bad pattern music

b. Systematic incomplete pattern puzzle

c. Predictive extended pattern weather

1. Attitude:

a. Seeing demands being (if you won't be, you won't see)