The Truth Charter
A challenge for seeking 'all truth'


There is three parts to this charter. First, is a general statement of principle. Its intent is to just present the issues in a very general and neutral language that is intended to be as inclusive as possible. This does not mean we remain general, this is only a starting point for the following.

Second is a list of truth assumptions which we can all agree upon as true (after discussion). Hopefully this list will grow as more and more truths can be debated and stated in words. This can serve as a gauge to progress, and helps prevent the need to keep returning to cover old ground.

The third section is a first attempt to discuss implementation. Our deliberations should reflect the high standards toward which we aspire. They should demonstrate a respect for all, a strong degree of order and control, yet permit freedom of expression.


The set time has come. To see beyond our limitations. To reach for something never yet achieved. To go where man has never gone before. We acknowledge our personal and corporate failures. We admit to many failed attempts. We admit to seeking our own self will above that of others far too often.

But from deep within, our spirits sense great hope. We are not alone in this journey. We are not an accident Our past offers a sense of purpose, our anticipation says we have a destiny. We pause to sense our spiritual compass. Something tells us there is a solution. That somehow the answers are available - if we will only seek them with sincere hearts. Together, really together, we will find what we have been looking for. Peace among brothers, love for the fearful, care for the needy, food for the hungry, healing for the ailing, freedom for the prisoner, safety for the tender, hope for tomorrow. A dream come true. The answer to a thousand tears, and an endless possession of broken hearts.

Enough! Enough! What are we wiling to do to stop the pain. What can it cost? What would you pay for the answers? Do we really care - enough?

Than lets begin again. We believe this time it can be different. Yes, we've failed before. Yes, there is danger. Yes, we may go to far, we may not go far enough, we may compromise, we may not be able to compromise. We may not see the answers right away. But is it worth the risk? For those that say yes - lets begin.

We believe this is not the beginning of our journey. Many have gone before us - we honor them. Many have given in their generations what we will hope we can give in ours. But we have their help, their trials and errors to guide us. Both their success and failure will assist us - they are the same - they both have value to us today. In grace we can dare to be honest, in love being wrong has no stigma. What matters is where we go from here. We must be strong and courageous. Change does not come easy. But even in discomfort, each must resolve to change when change is due. There should be no pressure, only encouragement. Each must drink as he chooses. Patience must abound, tolerance exercised vigorously. In his own heart each must be convinced of the right. We have counted those who should be friends as enemies. We have failed to see a common zeal for right. We call all who are troubled in spirit, to join

We base this new attempt on a simple but powerful premise - that there is a single agenda in the universe. It is a purposeful, intelligent, and knowable agenda. That it was designed for the good of humanity, and that once discovered and followed all will be at peace. All secondary agendas must stay within and conform to the larger agenda. It is a righteous mans obligation to vigorously seek out this higher agenda. There are many agendas in the world. We each have an agenda, we form groups to promote group agendas, protecting ourselves against some other group's agenda, etc, etc. There are agendas of all persuasions. Most are well intention, but we must also be aware that some are very sinister. This is the purpose of this table. This will determine our success. Is each willing, having been fully convinced in his own mind that right has be . We are not afraid to look at both

1. Truth is Beautiful

2. Truth is Systematic

3. Truth is Predictive

1. There is a single, knowable agenda

2. It can only be attained collectively

3. To complete is to verify

4. To predict is to confirm

5. To know is to posses

Definition of Truth: Conformity to fact or reality. Conformity to rule, standard, model, pattern or ideal. Conformity to the requirements of one's being or nature. Being that which is the case rather than what is manifested or assumed.

Simply put, truth is reality. Not necessarily my view of reality, or your view of reality, but reality as it really is. In man's world of relativity, that kind of truth has resisted a systematic comprehensive definition Truth has resisted

One might expect that the explosive increase in knowledge in the world today might translate into a similar increase in truth. It will. But knowledge doesn't necessarily translate into truth. Truth is a conclusion, correctly surmised, based upon knowledge, revelation, or observation. Truth is reality. Truth is intimate knowledge of the creation, the same knowledge the original designer has, and we must have, to walk in harmony with it. In more familiar terms truth is knowing God, and his perfect lifestyle or government, the kingdom of God. The Holy Scriptures, as delivered to the world by the ancient nation of Israel, claims to be a revelation of such truth. It claims to reveal God, and a correct and true perception of reality and what is required to live in harmony with creation and therefore with God himself. This gracious provision is progressive, not instantaneous. It is corporate not singular. History is in its most eloquent definition, His-story, the story of this progressive revelation and apprehension of truth. The coming of Messiah was the crowning event of truth revelation. Messiah, above all who walked on earth, offered truth unparalleled. He laid the foundation for apprehending ALL TRUTH, but revealed that it would not be until the end-of-the-age that humanity (the remnant of truth seekers) would finally reach its destination of all truth.

That brings us to the present hour. Imagine that we are at the end-of-the-age. Imagine that the progressive search for truth has been effective. Imagine that the explosive availability of knowledge has enlightened blind eyes. And imagine that God has now empowered mankind for the first time in history to 'see' all truth. Imagine that truth is here, in our midst, corporately, only to be gathered from every goodly tree, like a harvest. Wouldn't we be foolish not to join together, corporately, to gather, test, and publish this truth for all to see. It would be our responsibility to do so.

That is the purpose of the truth forum. To sit together, to deliberate on truth. Of course, there are a few other points that need to be covered to make this process

successful. First we (all truth nurturing bodies, i.e. Christian, Jewish, etc.) will have to address all the truth inhibiting factors in our own houses. There seems to be a new willingness to do this - for the sake of truth and God's honor. From the Christian perspective there is a universal stirring to reexamine the foundations of our Christian faith. It is abundantly clear that the image and personality of modern Christianity, while not denying fundamental truths laid down by the original Jewish fathers, is far from truthful. This just can't be overlooked anymore. It is not a light matter, it will inhibit the corporate search for truth. The very fact of admitting error, arrogance, and worse should be refreshing to those around the forum table - and hopefully will be an incentive for them to do like wise. Everything should be put on the table for scrutiny. If it can be defended on the basis of truth, than it can be held, otherwise it should be marked for elimination. Does this seem right? It would seem so. Is it practical? No. We have traditions, institutions, doctrines, philosophies, constitutions, politics, etc. which generally resist change of this nature. The vested interests are generally comfortable with the status quo. But truthfully, who's in charge, vested interests or God. Who's kingdom and whose honor are we seeking. We all, individually and institutionally, have to bow the knee before God. It is right. It will be good for all who do so. The rewards are superlative and eternal.

But some thinking person will be sure to ask a very profound and arresting question. "How will we know the truth when we see it? Wouldn't the process break down when one body proclaims truth that opposes the truth proclaimed by another body?" This would certainly happen, so we need a truth detector - short of God himself. God recognized this problem and provided a solution. The solution stems from the fact that God, from the first week of creation intended for man to be stewards or managers of this creation. God always intended that man understand the true nature of the creation and the current program in operation. We are now at the end-of-the-age and now more than ever man is expected to understand the transition from the age of faith to the age of the kingdom. The bottom line is this: if we truly understand the truth of God's purposes and the truth (reality) of the kingdom, we will not only be able to decipher the past, but we will be able to predict the future. If we really have the truth, we will have the master plan of the end-of-the-age.

That is the challenge for each group that would participate in the forum; to realistically explain the past, and particularly offer a systematic, beautiful, detailed master plan for the future end-of-the-age. Absolute truth is predictive since absolute truth is solely the possession of the divine mind and spirit.

The forum would have these assumptions:

  1. GOD - That creation is the work of God, a master designer, and that created man is his crowning creation, made in the likeness of God, has been designed with the ability and potential to relate personally to God and comprehend its inner workings.
  2. CORPORATE ONENESS - That there is a universal sense that humanity is reaching a certain maturity - a collective personality, acting collectively. This implies the end of a certain process of growth and development, the formation of a universal faith which will either conflict, or align, with the God of creation. Many will translate this into the ancient terms of the prophetic end-of-the-age, or the expected coming of the kingdom of God - the end of the human discovery experiment, the end of the age of the hidden God, the end of the age of faith.
  3. ABSOLUTE TRUTH - There is no such thing as relative truth. If there is one God with absolute truth, all seekers of truth will arrive at the same conclusions; one kingdom, one faith, one lifestyle, one history, one future.
  4. REVELATION - That God has revealed himself in person (to Adam and Eve), and eventually in written and oral revelation as delivered by the Holy Scriptures and the people of Israel.
  5. ACCESS - That the secret truth of creation and the purposes of it and humanity have been opened to true seekers of God and his kingdom.
  6. BEAUTY, PREDICTIVE - That truth is absolute, beautiful, and predictive in nature. That the evidence of knowing God will manifest in knowing his kingdom (purposes) giving both historical events a meaning permitting the deciphering of God's master plan for the end-of-the-age.
  7. BEAUTY - That truth is beautiful. Truth is the architecture of of universe - created by design.
  8. PREDICTIVE - Truth is predictive in nature. That the evidence of knowing God will manifest in knowing his kingdom (purposes) giving both historical events a meaning permitting the deciphering of God's master plan for the end-of-the-age.
  9. SEEKERS - That God is eagerly waiting for his truth seekers to arrive at positions of maturity in which he can entrust the management of the final program of testimony and transition to God's kingdom on this earth - bringing in the millennial Sabbath reign and the end of the first 'week' of creation and thus the beginning of the eternal kingdom.
  10. APPOINTED TIME - That there has come in the earth at this hour a special power of revelation of the secrets of the kingdom which will be modified by the coming, to those who want it and pursue it, of all truth. Truth being defined as ...
  11. RESPONSE - That truth convicts. One cannot posses truth, deny its demands, and not be accountable. If truth reveals God, he must be acknowledged, if truth reveals a kingdom, it must be embraced.
  12. WORSHIP - That seeking truth is firstly an act of worship, not enlightenment.
  13. OBJECTIVNESS - That even theses assumptions can be challenged as to truth.


Invitation to all who believe (or suspect) that there is the possibility of finding such truth if each 'body' truthfully and seriously reexamine all tenants and issues of their faith system. Everyone must put everything on the table, exposed for corporate examination as to validity, justification, relevance and prophetic import. Every practice and belief must be defended.

Each body would engage in thorough self examination, looking for credible evidence of divine authorship, intent and prophetic purpose.

It is understood that the end result is to do the will of God. However, acknowledgment of truth will naturally and normally precede the practicing of that truth, which is left to individual initiative, without judgment.

In keeping with the spirit of truth seeking, any doctrines not supportable within the master plan put forth, should be viewed as suspected error and should be modified or eliminated.

Predictive Exercises:

















Postulate - 1) A position claimed or basis of argument laid down as well known or too plain to require proof; a self-evident truth. 2) to set forth as self-evident or already known.. 3) To assume the truth or reality of; especially as the basis for discussion. 4) Hypothesis: an unproved assumption.

Assumption - 1) To take for granted; suppose to be a fact. 2) What a debater postulates he openly states an takes for granted without proof; what he assumes he may take for granted without mentioning.

Hypothesis - A set of assumptions provisionally accepted as a basis for reasoning, experiment or investigation. 2) A hypothesis is a statement of what is deemed possibly true, assumed and reasoned upon as if certainly true, with a view of reaching truth not yet surely known. A hypothesis is a comprehensive tentative explanation of certain phenomenon, which is meant to include all other facts of the same class, and which is assumed as true till there has been opportunity to bring all related facts into comparison; if the hypothesis explains all the facts, it is regarded as verified; till then it is regarded as a working hypothesis. A hypothesis may be termed a comprehensive guess.

Theory - A proposed explanation or hypothesis designed to account for any phenomenon

Theosophy - Mystical speculation applied to deduce a philosophy of the universe. In its modern phase, a system that claims to embrace the essential truth underlying all systems of religion, science, and philosophy. (Its doctrines resemble closely the those of Buddhism and Brahmanism, teaching the existent of an omnipotent, infinite, eternal, and immutable principle transcending the power of human conception, and the identity of all souls, through the cycle of incarnation with the universal spirit.)

Truth - Conformity to fact or reality. Conformity to rule, standard, model, pattern or ideal. Conformity to the requirements of one's being or nature. Being that which is the case rather than what is manifested or assumed.

Forum - The public market place of on ancient Roman city, where popular assemblies met, and most legal and political business was transacted. 2) a tribunal; a court. 3) An assembly for free discussion of public affairs.