Unfinished Business
Prophetic Destinations Undone


  1. Earned dominion - (overcoming) Dominion without an adversarial environment is not dominion. Taking dominion in the millennium, after the devil is locked in chains is not dominion. Man redeemed must take dominion over the flesh the devil and the world. The prophetic word acknowledges this dominion does in fact occur:(Rev 21:7)
    Rev 12:11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony;
  2. Today's Christian is a product less than sinless Adam - meaning the Atonement has not been enough to counteract the effects of sin.
  3. Dying and going to paradise (heaven) does not make one perfect - the OT saints have not attained perfection there. Past saints are not credited moral perfection until it is reached by some succeeding precursor generation.
  4. A nation without understanding will provoke Israel to jealousy.
  5. Be perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.
  6. Passover is fulfilled, Pentecost is fulfilled, but Tabernacles is not.
  7. The Bible shows a pattern of the journey and conquest of the promised land. What in Christianity represents the journey, the destination?
  8. The Sabbath rest
  9. Faith without works is dead
  10. Greater works
  11. Corporate Israel was tested with Messiah, How will corporate Christianity be tested?
  12. All truth? where is it.
  13. Ask anything in my name and it will given.
  14. Oneness
  15. Riches for the world promised in Rom 11:12, Rev 18, Isa 24, Matt 24:12, Haggai 2:19