Outline of Issues Affecting  "Moving To Israel"

I. Finding the will of God:

A. Special revelation (personal call - generally heart based)

B. General Revelation (guidance based upon Scripture)

II. Finding the Plan of God:

A. Defining the Goal

1. A harvest of souls

2. A harvest of righteousness

3. That Scripture may be fulfilled (25-NT)

a. To become the image of God (like Yeshua) (Two are one)

b. To divide humanity (One is Two)

B. Scripture/Prophecy

C. The Secrets of the Kingdom (No eye has seen...)

D. A Pure Heart and Clean Hands

E. In the Fullness of Time

F. Physical and Spiritual Genealogy (the right to be... born of God)

III. God's Business Plan (For Redeeming All Things)

A. Abraham's call - Father of the faithful

1. Two Mothers/Two Sons (The Framework of Destiny - Two lines)

a. The Free Son (Stars in the Sky)

b. The Slave Son (Sands on the Seashore)

IV. The Kingdom's First Call

A. Israel - rejects it's birthright

B. Israel of God - A new Mother, a new Son, a new Nation

V. The Kingdom's Second Call (The End-of-the-Age)

A. Putting the pieces together

1. Elijah and the Wilderness

2. Ephraim, Israel, Messiah ben Joseph

a. Discovering Ephraim

b. Expanding the Land

B. Joseph - Pharoh's Agent of Salvation

C. Israel on Trial

D. A Kingdom - Laws, Rulers, Citizens, Rebels (will the real ones please stand up)

VI. In Step with the Spirit and Possessing the Land

A. Stewardship or Possession

1. Levitical Priesthood and Temple

2. Malchizedek Priesthood and Temple

B. Fruitfulness - in the Land or Out