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Aviv Barley
This is a web site exploring the prophetic mysteries of the 'End of the Age' (EOTA) and the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' (GOTK). Our particular interest and focus is the 'revealing of the sons of God'. Why? Because this is the defining event of the end of the age. The Christian Bible makes this remarkable statement, The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed" (Rom 8:19). Wow! Do you understand that? All of creation is eagerly anticipating a single transforming event! Take a moment to absorb that claim. It would make for spectacular science fiction if it were not true. This 'revealing' event is the formal beginning of the EOTA. These 'sons' are the managers, you could even say the 'causers', of the end of the age. Needless to say, this 'management' job will require diverse qualities and diligent preparation. Prophecy is challenging for a number of reasons, but we will do our best to reduce these concepts to the beautiful building blocks of truth. And while there is so much to learn, a child's faith will be more advantageous than a scholars library. Perhaps both would be ideal. Please be persistent. The EOTA is for the faithful and the forceful. This website is for those who want to participate in the EOTA, not watch from a distance. In the end, it is not as much about knowledge, as it is about identity. We hope that describes you. If you're not sure who you are, please take the time to reexamine your priorities. The creation waits... for us!

But before we go on, you should know that the least of our interest is directed toward the traditional end time issues of the rapture, anti-Christ, 666, The Great Tribulation, European Union (EU), Armageddon, etc. Unfortunately, these events have become an EOTA spectator sport. These events and a whole range of other popular beliefs cannot be understood truthfully apart from the 'revealing' event described above.

We emphasize this 'revealing' event because it sets the stage for the rest of the EOTA. In our scenario, the EOTA is a period of at least 20 years, and it has not yet begun. So, what should we look for first; when does it start? Well, that is a natural and important question. Even this can get a little complicated. The 'revealing', which is the formal start, does not begin spontaneously. There are leading events that will be quite public and anything but arbitrary. We will cover these leading events in great detail, but for one minute, let's just focus on the one mysterious event that we might call the beginning of the beginning.

Everyone can relate to the beginning of a new year. It would seem quite natural for something new to begin at the beginning of a new year. The Bible teaches us that the sacred new year is the beginning of a cycle of God's 'appointed times', otherwise known as the seven Feasts of the Lord. This cycle is a pattern of life, it is a model that drives everything God does. It might seem counter-intuitive that the END of the age would begin at the BEGINNING of the year cycle. According to widspread prophetic thought, the EOTA should correspond to the last steps of this cycle, Tabernacles, and there is some truth to that. But these cycles are a little more complex then commonly thought, and for now we'll leave this valuable lesson for another time.

We will show how the 'revealing' mentioned above is related to the first 'appointed time', Passover. But there is a Passover every year, so one must ask, which Passover will begin the EOTA? We should note here that this website will not, and does not, engage in absolute date setting unless there is some unusual reason to do so. Rather, with spiritual diligence and study, we are watching to synchronize the patterns of the past with the 'signs' of the times. That process is similar to the process of forecasting the weather. By studying the past we are able to predict the future. Ironically, in our case, it is literally the weather that dictates the start of the Jewish year, which dictates the date of Passover, etc.

The Jewish spiritual or sacred New Year begins by observing the barley that grows in the land of Israel. You can read a longer explanation here and here but to summarize, the new year begins, on a new month, when the barley is almost ripe, or 'aviv' as the Bible calls it. The new year begins (on the new moon) if the barley will be ready to eat 14 days later on Passover (the full moon). If the barley is not 'aviv', we wait another month, adding a thirteenth month to the old year.

To frame this in the language of prophecy it would go something like this: Passover marks the beginning of the sacred year. God uses this event to trigger major prophetic milestones. The first, of course, was the original Biblical Exodus that initiated the nation of Israel. 2000 years ago, Passover and the crucifixion of Messiah (Jesus) began 'Christianity' and the Messianic age. But there is one Biblical institution yet to be fully realized - the kingdom (and the end-of-the-age). When do you suppose that will start? Yes, on Passover!

So, in a larger, symbolic sense, the kingdom will begin when the 'barley' is almost ripe. The biggest mystery then is: what or who is the 'barley', and what does 'almost ripe' mean? This is a pattern from nature that will likely reveal our prophetic future. The sacred year involves two 'first-fruits', the barley on Passover, and the wheat on Shavuot (Pentecost). We must draw upon the guiding Holy Spirit to illuminate this mystery. We must earnestly seek to understand the symbolic barley and wheat.

And to a full understanding of this mystery, we admit, we don't have a definitive answer. Perhaps you, or someone else, will discover this mystery. We could speculate a little further but we'll wait for that.

In the meantime, there is a mountain of prophetic information we have resolved concerning the EOTA. Perhaps the start is not all that important before the fact. What is most important is not so much predicting the exact start of the EOTA, as recognizing its pattern unfolding in the world, and being prepared to knowingly participate, whenever it begins. As noted earlier, for the faithful, the EOTA is not about spectating, it's about playing. Be assured, you won't miss the game if you have prepared for it.