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The Prerequisites - Building A Framework for the End-of-the-Age

The Secrets of the Kingdom

Two Environments

Unfinished Business

Goal Statement

My Claim / My Promise




Prophetic Hermeneutics (RS)

Rules for Biblical Interpretation (Incomplete)

Why Study Prophesy

Why Prophesy Has Resisted Interpretation



The Imminent Restoration

New Covenant

New Covenant V.1

Teaching on 'flesh' (HJB)

New Covenant Questionnaire

Old Authority For New Treasure

The Branch

Completed Christianity - 1995 (Draft)

Completed Christianity Outline (Preliminary)

Women's Role (TH)

The Completed Male

Pentecost II

The Crucifixion Chronology

Sacred Cycles

The Christian Exodus

Fall Feasts Summary

The Feasts of the Lord

Have You Forgotten Your First Love?

Gospel of the Kingdom - Manuscript

Gospel of the Kingdom - Summary

Notes on The Book of Hebrews (V.1)

Notes on the Book of Hebrews (V.2)

Is Jesus God?

Restoring the Jewish Roots of Christianity

Scriptures/Statements on Law

Sacred Cycles

Mashiach Ben Joseph  (JIS)

Prophecy 101 (Matt 24:45)

Day of the Lord

Day of the Lord (V.1)

The Oneness Model I

The Oneness Model II

Super-Patterns Chart (PDF)

Super Patterns Chart (JPEG)

Four Super-Patterns Chart

The Softside of Sanctification

Holy Spirit Attributes



The Myth of Instant Perfection

The Theology of Perfection




Prophetic Modeling

Truth Forum Charter

Truth Forum Challenge (v.1)

Truth Forum Challenge

Technology of Truth

Truth Resolution Process

I Tell You The Truth

Truth Equation - 123



Should I move to Israel? (Brief Intro - Incomplete)

Understanding Israel

Moving To Israel - Outline

Abrahams Dual Legacy

The Covenants of Abraham



Torah Statement

Purpose of the Law (DR)

Myth of Law-lessness

Myth of Lawlessness I

Myth of Law-lessness (tmp)

The Perfect Universal Lifestyle

Perfect Universal Lifestyle - Index

Lifestyle and a Word Study on Alien


Current Events

America - Perishing for the lack of knowledge


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Website Vision

Purpose Statement (DR)

Worship in Truth Vision

Rightworld Concept



Leftovers & Extra - work undone

Just Bits and Pieces (tmp)


Barley - What is it

A Study on the House of Joseph

The Original Order of New Testament Books

Origin Models Categorized

The Exodus Plagues (TH,DJ)

The Exodus Plagues - Summary (TH,DJ)

Calendar Summary



A List of Torah's 613 Commands

The Mishnah - A Brief Introduction

Parashat (Weekly Torah Readings)

The Thirteen Breaches



Still Paying the Price - Afghanistan

Jesus Through a Muslim Lens

Full Text of Oslo Accords

War on Islamic Terrorism (ICEJ)

The Truth About The Talmud (Anti-Semitic (JC))

Jerusalem In Islam - Part II

A Short Survey of Islam


Dabru Emet - Statement

Debru Emet - Comment Arthur Hertzberg

Debru Emet - Comment Irving Greenberg



Ephraimite Error (Summary)


Counting the Omer

Basic Laws